Expand your intuitive nature with this complimentary 10-week experience. 


Embrace The Life-Changing Magic of Exploring, Expanding, and Elevating Your Innate Psychic Abilities

We’re delighted that you’re joining us on this journey. Over the next 10 weeks, THEO will guide you through not only revealing your psychic abilities (if you haven’t already) but also showing you how to utilize them to transform your life. 

Through a series of video messages, live sessions, and self-paced inner discovery, you’ll finish this experience feeling aligned with your unique gifts - and you’ll know how to use them to make positive changes in your life. 

And you don’t need to do anything more to register for the experience - as part of the AskTHEO community, this is our gift to you. We would encourage you to check the key dates section and add the live events to your calendar. Most events are completely free, and you will also have the opportunity to partake in two more advanced and intimate aspects of the Experience at a fee - we will tell you more about that soon.

In the meantime, make sure you bookmark this page. This will be your Psychic Self-Discovery Series Hub. All of the videos and live event replays can be found here and these resources will be updated throughout the Experience.

Progress Through Series

All videos are available in the Tabs Below.

March 30
Live Session With THEO: Create Everyday Magic and Miracles

April 13
Live Session With THEO: Navigating Today's World as an Empath

April 30 - May 1
Two-Day Spiritual and Psychic Exploration Virtual Retreat

May 3
Live Session With THEO: Elevate Your Life with Psychic Development

May 12
Live Session With THEO: Ignite Your Spiritual Potential with THEO

Upcoming Dates for Your Planner

May 24

12-week Spiritual and Psychic Mentorship begins

All live sessions take place at 5 pm Pacific Time on Tuesdays.

Enjoy THEO's Guided Meditation to Assist Your Psychic Expansion

We invite you to enjoy this BONUS THEO guided meditation Raising Your Vibrational Frequency. It is the perfect meditation to utilize as you are expanding and elevating your psychic awareness and abilities.


In this part of the Psychic Self-Discovery Series, it’s your chance to become intimately familiar with your psychic abilities.

The truth is, every one of us has innate psychic gifts. If you’ve never felt ‘psychic’ or had a psychic experience, it simply means that you have a little work to do to reveal your hidden talents. In fact, it’s likely that you’re already partially using your gifts in your everyday life; the subconscious things you do on autopilot may be your psychic gifts playing out in the real world.

Whether you’re aware of your psychic abilities or not, the Explore portion of the Series will allow you to understand and embrace your gifts. No matter where you are on your psychic journey (yes, even if you’ve been using your gifts for some time), this step is an important one to take…

Through THEO’s guidance, you’ll discover how your psychic gifts manifest and how you can harness their power to infuse your days with magic and miracles.

In this section:

  • VIDEO #1: You're Not Crazy, You're Psychic
  • Live Session with THEO #1: Create Everyday Magic and Miracles 

Video #1  and the Replay of the Live Session with THEO#1 are both available now - click the appropriate tab to watch. 

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Video 1: You're Not Crazy, You're Psychic

Ever get a really intense gut feeling? Or had a vivid dream that felt real? Or knew the phone was going to ring before it did? While you may have brushed these little things off as nothing, it’s these small indicators that go a long way in identifying the psychic within.

If you’ve ever muttered the phrase ‘I must be going crazy,’ when you get an unexplained feeling or have the urge to do something specific without reason or cause, this video is an absolute must-watch for you.

The thing is, it’s so easy to ignore the psychic signs the universe is sending you. But it’s empowering when you pay attention…

These indicators of your gifts are the magic keys to life-changing magic. The universe is revealing your abilities because embracing your psychic side will allow you to live with more ease, alignment, and fulfillment. 

Watch now and comment below with your “I knew I was psychic when…” experience, or anything you'd like to share. We want to know your thoughts about the series, your questions, and aha moments. We love to make things interactive!

Live Session 1 with THEO: Create Everyday Magic and Miracles

If you couldn’t join this live session in person, you can watch the replay now.

Your psychic abilities are a fun and interesting aspect of your personality, and the specific character of the gifts each one of us possesses differs from person to person. And the purpose remains constant: your gifts are there to help you access the life of your dreams with ease and joy.

In this session, see how the song, 'Do you believe in magic?' takes on new meaning for Sheila and Marcus.

THEO shows you how embracing your psychic abilities on a regular basis will spark magic and miracles in your daily life.  And THEO encourages you to remember your youthful connection to all that you are and all that you can access,  and the natural intuitive abilities that are your birthright.

Click the video above to watch the session now and share your comments below.