Expand Your Intuitive Nature With A Psychic Self-Discovery Experience

AskTHEO™ Presents a Complimentary Experience With THEO Channeled by Spiritual Medium Sheila Gillette

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THEO Guided Meditation
Raising your Vibrational Frequency

Experience the extraordinary energy of THEO as you raise your own vibration with this guided meditation, also yours for free with registration

“Many are experiencing their own connectivity to spirit, their own phenomena that seems extraordinary. However, it is not extraordinary. As beings open more to all possibilities and they open to the masters that they are, more will be experienced. The extraordinary becomes the ordinary – it is the natural right of humanity.” – THEO

Access The Life-Changing Power of Your Psychic Gifts

Since the group of archangels collectively known as THEO began speaking through her following a near-death experience in 1969, Sheila Gilette has been a pioneer in the field of channeled wisdom and the message of a collective consciousness shift.

They’ve transformed hundreds of thousands of lives over the years with messages of self-love, expansion, and joy- including Esther Hicks, the channel for Abraham, who Sheila and THEO taught to access her gifts so she could assist in guiding humanity through this exciting new paradigm.

For the past few years, THEO has been highlighting the importance of embracing one’s psychic gifts. They have shown us time and again the incredible transformation that can occur when we acknowledge the psychic abilities that exist within all of us and use our powers to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

And that magic can be especially potent for those exploring their psychic talents… as well as those who don’t realize they have them at all.

Whatever stage you’re at in your psychic journey, this series can be pivotal in reaching your next (or first!) step, if you’re open to embracing your highest potential.

Your Psychic Self-Discovery Series with THEO

During this series, we’ll be assisting you to explore, expand and elevate your psychic abilities.

This complimentary experience is designed for you to hone your skills so you can benefit from the magic within every single day ahead.

With a number of free live sessions with THEO, educational sessions, and exploratory opportunities, the Psychic Self-Discovery Series is THEO’s gift to you, and to the world.

We have seen the transformational power of using one’s psychic abilities in daily life. We know how embracing the magic inside of you can change the way you see the world and your power within it.

Join us now in this limited-time series where we share THEO’s message of empowerment, joy, and connection as you more fully embrace your psychic potential.

An All-Access Pass to Your Psychic Exploration, Expansion, and Elevation

Your free pass to this series will include access to videos, live webinars, and more on the following topics:

  • Various ways you can experience your psychic gifts (you’re not ‘crazy’, you’re psychic!)
  • How to create everyday magic and miracles within your life and the lives of others
  • Develop your natural psychic gifts with ease and joy
  • Navigate today’s world as an empath (we’re really excited about this one because so many are struggling with this now!)
  • Learn how to make intuitively guided decisions that keep you on your life path
  • Elevate your life with your psychic abilities
  • Communicate with the non-physical – your guides, passed loved ones, and more
  • Ignite your spiritual potential with THEO’s guidance
    And more!

The complimentary series will end in mid-May, so make sure you get access now to get the most of this abundance of information.

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    As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before. Esther Hicks – Best-Selling Author and Channel for Abraham